We’re continuously innovating with Tempeh…

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of tempeh and the science behind it, as well as our vast experience in product development, we are creating delicious, nutritious, sustainable and versatile tempeh-based products. 

In our food science centre we have, simply through playing around with the fermentation process in a totally natural and safe way, managed to increase the protein and vitamin B12 contents of tempeh (calcium and iron are next on the list!) and reduced its fermentation time to under half (48 to 18 hours!), improving its taste without compromising on nutritional value. These haven’t been implemented into our current product range, but they will be in the near future.

In our product centre, we’ve experimented (successfully!) with making tempeh out of all different legumes, nuts, grains and seeds, and are developing new and exciting tempeh products, including a game-changing, all-natural burger concept. Watch this space!