Christopher Kong

Co-Founder // Operations

Chris is a biochemist-turned-entrepreneur who’s excited by the amazing potential of translating advances in food science and technology into real-world impact, something he believes we can do through tempeh fermentation!


Amadeus Driando Ahnan

Co-Founder // Technology

Driando is a food scientist-entrepreneur-artist whose life mission is to give people access to affordable, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based protein sources through tempeh - which, growing up in Bogor in Indonesia, he’s been eating since he was a baby!


Fabio Rinaldo

Co-Founder // Products

Fabio is a food scientist with a passion for plant-based food and Indonesian culture, through which he realised the potential tempeh in creating a more sustainable future. He’s also had lots of experience in developing delicious plant-based protein products!


Elin Roberts

Co-Founder // Marketing

Elin is a marketing strategist who’s passionate about making the world a happier, fairer and more sustainable place. As part of this, she’s been a long-term advocate of plant-based eating, having been veggie for almost 10 years and vegan for over 5!


Elfi Anggreani

Chief Operating Officer

Elfi is a food science extraordinaire with extensive experience working in start-ups, helping to build up their operations. Her main drivers are creating a more sustainable planet and being Indonesian herself, celebrating tempeh with the world!


Mathew Scott

Creative Director

Mat is the creative mastermind behind the Better Nature brand. He’s driven by his experience creating campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands, combined with his passion for nutrition and wellbeing (he’s also a qualified personal trainer!).


Elvira Sukamtoh

Chief Research Officer

Elvira is yet another food science whizz in the Better Nature team! Elvira’s main focus is the relation between food and health and so her aim is to provide a sustainable solution for people to increase their nutrition intake naturally through tempeh-based products.


Noora Pärsinnen

Head of Sales

Noora is a multi-talented, sustainability guru whose main passions are food waste and ethical, low-impact living. She’s previously headed up the sales for another vegan food start-up and has been vegan herself for over 4 years, so she knows good plant-based food!