Why Tempeh?


Tempeh (pronounced tem-pay) was discovered 300 years ago in Java, in Indonesia, and involves taking soybeans (or any other legume, nut, grain or seed) and put simply, making them better!

Through the tempeh fermentation process, soybeans bind together to become a tastier, more versatile, nutrient-rich and sustainable source of protein and fibre. Now that is some powerful fermentation!

If you need yet another reason to love tempeh, it’s also incredibly easy to cook with. It can be bought plain or pre-marinated, in a block or minced, and can be paired with a sauce or marinade or simply be served by itself to enjoy its delicious nutty taste and meaty texture. It takes on the flavour of marinades very well, and from then on can be cooked just like meat - it can be fried, steamed, baked, smoked or blackened etc. It’s a very versatile product that adapts well to any kind of cooking. 

Tempeh is most commonly cut it into blocks, soaked in a sweet soy sauce marinade and then fried with some chilli, lemongrass, galangal and coconut sugar - or seasoned, sizzled and served as we like to say! Frying the tempeh allows it to obtain a crisp golden crust while maintaining a meaty and delicious interior. It’s a must-try!

For some inspiration, why not have a look at some of our favourite tempeh recipes below?